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Presentation of Code Aster
Code_Aster is an open-source software  for  thermo- mechanical analysis of structures. It is developed by EDF to meet its internal needs of  studies and is broadcast on You will find on the website the sources of the software, updates, a full documentation, news and a forum with very dynamic users.
   Expertise code
Code_Aster is a very powerful simulation software as well as computation time than accuracy. Compared to major commercial codes (Nastran, Ansys, Samcef, Radioss... )  one  can say that it is a code of expertise that offers huge possibilities to the user in the model definition , laws materials or calculations to be performed. Learning is less intuitive (or less guided ) than commercial codes. That is why Tangent'delta built training modules for the use of Code_Aster.

Code_Aster is directly interfaced with the pre and post- processor Salome within the SalomeMeca platform. This allows you to call the solver from Salome . Wizards are even offered to perform simple calculations of static analysis, eigenmodes and specific heat. So, SalomeMeca contains all the tools needed for finite element analysis.
   ProNet network
A professional network was formed in 2011 on the initiative of EDF .  The  Code_Aster Professional Network currently includes major industrial companies , laboratories, universities, SMEs and service providers. Tangent'delta is an active member of  the  ProNet network since its foundation. Do not hesitate to join us!