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Training to Code Aster
   Training for beginners
Three training modules to Salome and Code_Aster are proposed in French:
  • Utilisation de Code_Aster en dynamique des structures et en acoustique
  • Initiation aux calculs thermomécaniques avec Code_Aster et Salome
  • Préparation de géométries et de maillages avec le logiciel open-source Salome: next training session on April 26th-27th, 2016. Booking is still possible.

   External training

An external training to Code_Aster and Salome is organized twice a year in partnership with the CRIANN in France (76). It is also the opportunity to visit the HPC equipments of the CRIANN. Please confirm your interest by email to We can book your seat.

   Customized training
You have a specific need in the use of Code_Aster and Salome ?
You want to find appropriate training to  master  this need?

We build together a tailormade program , possibly using case studies that you encounter regularly. The aim is to give you all the keys to quickly implement the learning outcomes.

Please feel free to contact us.
   Legal information
Declaration of training activity registered under number 23 76 04939 76 to the prefect of the region of Haute-Normandie . This registration does not constitute approval by the State.