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Acoustic Material
   Measurement of acoustic properties
We have developed a unique test facility in the world: the  heat regulated impedance tube. It allows us to characterize the acoustic properties of materials under controlled conditions of temperature. This is a major innovation compared to conventional techniques at  ambient temperature of a laboratory. We can measure the temperature dependence of the following properties:

  • Sound absorption coefficient
  • Sound transmission loss
Designers and users of acoustic solutions can therefore choose the best materials according  to  particular thermal environment  conditions .

Absorbant automobile
   Specifications of the heat regulated impedance tube

The test equipment comprises an impedance tube, with the air  column,  the speaker ,the microphones and the test sample are moved to a defined temperature between -10°C and +70°C.  The frequency range is between 250 Hz and 4250 Hz.
More details in the presentation booklet


We can test both sound absorption materials and sound insulating materials:   polymers , composites , mineral fibers, natural fibers , plastics , bio-based  plastics...